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Sri Lanka evening surf
Ebbie Love

While I was born and went to school in Scotland, I was the child of two self-obsessed travel junkies and from what I can remember from my childhood when I wasn't in school, I was climbing in the Lake District, canoeing on Loch Lomond, skiing in the Alps or off on an adventure somewhere exotic with my parents and twin sister - whether it be on Safari in Kenya, exploring the Galapagos Islands or staying with a Mongolian family in the middle of nowhere in a Yurt - my childhood was never short of an adventure. 

Being brought up in foreign places and cultures naturally, I craved my own adventures and being outdoors and exploring is truly a great passion of mine. 

I've just graduated from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, where I was working on film and photography work informed by and creating a dialogue with Anthropology. My goal in life is simple, I want to tell stories through photographs, films and writing. I want to explore the world in a series of expeditions and tell the stories of those I meet.

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