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Anthropology and Travelling

Hi, I'm Ebbie and currently I'm a 26-year-old visual anthropologist with an interest in documentary filmmaking, photography and mixed mediums. Having graduated with an anthropology degree from Aberdeen University in 2018 and an MA from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester, in 2021, my interests lie in directing authentic human stories with impactful narratives.


My work focuses on examining how traditional ways of life are adjusting to the intrusion of modernity, the concept of change and documenting the bridge between cultural past and future. In particular how people keep traditional cultural norms alive in a changing environment. Passionate about the evocative possibilities that ethnographic film-making offers I’m inspired to bring new energy to global anthropological issues.


My aim is to bring light to fresh and underrepresented perspectives and utilise films potential as a strong impact medium. 

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