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Points of Contact

A short film, shot as part of my masters degree in visual anthropology. The documentary tells the story of two female climbers. Through focusing on indoor and outdoor climbing environments it tells their individual experiences with climbing, looking deeper into why they climb and what climbing means to them.

Elen John-Morris and Freya Marshall are best friends, roommates, and climbing partners who make the most of every opportunity and climbing adventure. The film was shot over the course of a month with two DLSR cameras and a Zoom H6 with a shotgun and stereo microphone.


Climbers: Elen John-Morris, Freya Marshall & Max Johnson, Louis Russel

Video: Barnaby Kilby-Pollard, Ebbie Love & Shawn J Stephen

Photos: Shawn J Stephen

Location: Awesome Walls Climbing Centre, Rockover Climbing Centre, Hobson Moor Quarry, Manchester

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